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Documentary photos on President Ho Chi Minh and the world | Part 2

 President Ho Chi Minh visiting the Tungsram bulb factory of Hungary (August 2nd, 1957)
 President Ho Chi Minh visiting an agricultural machine station of Cooperative “May 1”, in the Democratic Republic of Germany (July 28th, 1957)
 President Ho Chi Minh visiting the children’s club in Tirana during his friendship visit to the People’s Republic of Albania (August 1957)
 The people of Pyongyang Capital City welcome President Ho Chi Minh visiting the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (July 8th, 1957)
 President Ho Chi Minh talking to the workers of Viosani industrial zone during his friendship visit to the Socialist Republic of Czechoslovakia.
 President Ho Chi Minh visiting Sun Zhong Shan mausoleum in China (May 18th, 1961)
 Uncle Ho with children of the Soviet Union (August 1957)
 oing by boat on Li River, Kweilin, Guangxi province, China, President Ho Chi Minh composed the Chinese poem: The scenery of Kweilin Kweilin’s scenery is marvelous Like poetry interwoven with painting, The woodcutter singing on the mountain, Visitor’s boa
 President Ho Chi Minh’s autograph in the book of impressions at the Kremlin Palace, the Soviet Union.
 President Ho Chi Minh visiting the office of V.I. Lenin in Kremlin Palace, the Soviet Union (July 13th, 1955)
 President Ho Chi Minh laying a wreath in tribute to the fighter for the independence and freedom of France at the Triumphal Arch, Paris, France (June, 1946)

 President Ho Chi Minh with French youngsters (1946)

King Norodom Sihanouk visiting the residence and office of President Ho Chi Minh at the Presidential Palace (May 27th, 1970)

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